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Tomatoes Galore!

Well, I finally got a terrific crop of tomatoes.  I’ve been trying for several years and they are always small and not plentiful.  My brother Steve told me to plant them 26 inches apart because they need room to grow and boy was he right! The hot and rainy summer was a big help too!  The plants are taller than I am, and I just harvested my second batch.

I made  tomato sauce two ways, one was from Richard Olney’s Provence and the other was a Catalan tomatoes and onion  sauce by Jose Andres my favorite Spanish chef.  I’m set for tomato sauce for the winter.

As some of you know I’ve started a new job and I’m finally getting acclimated so hopefully I’ll be able to blog more.  I had a great time in New York last week and have lots to share!


I had to protect the tomato plants from the local squirrel population by wire enclosures.



Jose’s sauce on the left, and Richard’s on the right.  I was in the kitchen all day!


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